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What We Do

Business Transactions

Real Estate Transactions

Wills & Powers of Attorney

Notary & Commission


By working with us, you get...


We commit to meeting your deadlines and expectations by managing our time and resources carefully.

Effortless document management

We give you access to a secure cloud-based portal to share files, sign documents, access invoices, and make payments, saving you valuable time.

Trusting Relationship

We maintain confidence and transparency by keeping our clients in the know every step of the way and responding quickly by email, phone, and text messages.


We provide multilingual assistance with legal issues in English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Somali.

How We Work

STEP 1: We make it easy and user-friendly

All you need is an Internet connection and to click on the "Get started" button below. 

STEP 2: Fill out the client intake form

We walk you through simple questions so we can understand your legal needs quickly and more efficiently.

STEP 3: A lawyer reviews your application

Once you submit your answers, our system will refer your legal matter to one of our qualified lawyers. We will get in touch with you within two business days to confirm your request, answer any questions, and set clear expectations. 

STEP 4: Access your client portal

We will give you access to an online cloud portal through which you can track the progress of your file, access and sign documents, make payments, and schedule meetings. 

STEP 5: We make it right

Client satisfaction and experience is important to us. Let us work on your file while you track the progress from the comfort of your home. 

average rating is 3 out of 5
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