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Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a document whereby you authorize someone else to act or make decisions on your behalf while you are still alive. Upon your death, the power of attorney ends and your will comes into effect. There are two kinds of powers of attorney: for property and for personal care. Select what you are looking for. 

For Property

Powers of Attorney for Property allows to designate someone else to handle your financial affairs, sign documents (eg. contracts, cheques, house sale documents) and generally do anything that you can do, except make or change your will.  

You need a power of attorney for property

  • So your financial affairs can be managed if you become mentally incapacitated (commonly done in conjunction with wills as part of the estate planning); or

  • So your financial affairs can be managed if you are away for a significant amount of time.

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For Personal Care


Powers of Attorney for Personal Care allow you designate someone (the Donee) to make medical decisions on your behalf where you have have become mentally incapable of making your own medical decisions, due to mental illness (eg. Alzheimer’s) or a physical condition (eg. being in a coma). 

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